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Sweet chews, supplements, sauces, and other goods.

Baked with the finest ingredients. Mmm like grandma used to make. Perfection.

chewy perfection

Discover deliciousness at Sunbaked Goods. Imagine biting into a sugary, fruity treat that's made with love and handled with care.

No need to imagine, because our sweet chews are available for orders now. Choose between Mixed Sweet Fruit Chews or Elderberry + Vitamin C & Zinc!

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My Mom

"I had no idea you were interested in this."

My College Professor

"Have a backup plan."

My Brother

"Well nobody can say you aren't doing something."

What you'll love

Delicious colored candy bars

sweet chews

Dietary supplements

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Various dip sauces


Not currently available but it's inevitable.

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Granola mix

Coming soon!

We'd love to bake with you!

Based in Florida

The sunbaked state!